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Cuivre River Retrievers offers basic and intermediate through advanced training. In order to ensure quality of care and proper training time we only accept a limited number of dogs. Dogs are trained individually one on one with the trainer so that we may hand tailor the training to each particular dog's level and needs. We highly encourage owner participation at all levels and also encourage both dogs and owners to return annually for refresher courses and physical conditioning.

A Day in Training at Cuivre River

Dogs just like humans are created differently in their ability to learn and absorb information. We recognize these differences and customize the training of each dog based on that dog's ability. In general we recommend beginning training for a dog between 4 and 6 months of age. The younger you can start any type of training program the more beneficial it will be for you and your dog. As dogs age, they may develop bad habits if left unchecked. It is much easier to instill good habits in a dog than it is to try and correct bad habits that the dog has already learned.

At Cuivre River Retrievers we strive to customize a training program to ensure maximum interest, enthusiasm, fun and success for you and your retriever. To do this our training program can be modified to fit you and your dog's personality, skill level and specific needs. We realize that not every dog will follow the same path to achieve the desired outcome and because of this we have no problem in individualizing our program to your dog's specific needs.

Remember, while the training outcome is the same for each dog, we may use different methods on individual dogs to reach the same goals. Because of differences in temperament, socialization and ability to learn, the pace at which training occurs may differ. All dogs are schooled first in the methods of learning. Each dog entering our program will include behavior modification including walking at heel both on and off lead, not jumping up, not biting, and not pulling on lead.

We will let you know with all honesty and candor how your dog is progressing as well as our thoughts on your dog's ability to reach the various levels of training. You and your dog will be treated fairly and with the utmost respect at all times.

Puppy Head Start

At Cuivre River Retrievers we highly recommend our puppy head start program for dogs at around 4 months of age. Although many owners are also competent trainers they may lack the time necessary to turn young retrievers into efficient and enthusiastic workers due to job and family commitments. A major factor in your dog's success is developing confidence through a step-by-step teaching schedule that correlates to your dog's mental and physical development. Our program will introduce your puppy to basic obedience, water, decoys, birds, gun fire, and socialization with other dogs as well as a host of other stimuli to make your dog as "birdy" as possible and to learn to love the retrieving game. (Price $500 per month)

Gun Dog/Basic Training Program

Our gun dog/basic training program is designed to offer your retriever the minimum amount of training we feel is necessary in order to take them with you to the field. As part of this program your dog will be force fetched, collar conditioned and introduced to all the components that make up a typical day afield. During our basic training your dog will be introduced to single marks, guns, birds, boats, decoys and water. After completion of this program your dog should be able to achieve its Started Hunting Retriever or Junior Hunter title. (Price $500 per month)

Intermediate Training Program

For those owners wishing to have their dog trained beyond the basic level we offer our intermediate training program. In this program your dog will focus on concentrated obedience work along with steady retrieving skills. Your dog will be taught to be steady at the line and also start simple basic multiple marking along with transition drills. Your dog will also be taught pattern drills through which it learns to do hand and whistle signals, which ultimately leads to the ability to do blind retrieves. Following completion, your dog is able to compete for its Seasoned or Senior Hunter title. (Price $500 per month)

Advanced Training Program

This program is for owners who desire a true all purpose gun dog. In the advanced stage dogs are exposed to more complicated marking and blind work. Advanced work includes double, triple and quadruple marks as well as a host of other technical marking drills. In this program your dog will be taught to honor another working retriever without breaking or interfering with that dog's work. Blind retrieves at this level become much more technical as the working distance of the retriever becomes much greater. Dogs completing this level should be able to complete a Finished or Master Hunter Test. (Price $500 per month)

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